The Simplest Things That Will Turn a Guy On, Every Time

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Ladies, we all know that once we have our men in the bedroom, it’s not very hard to turn him on—they’re pretty easy in that regard. However, when it comes to catching their attention outside of the bedroom, that’s a little trickier.

Sure, you could rely on your lovely features to get him to notice you, but if your intention is to turn him into a blathering idiot with nothing on his mind but you, you’re going to have to tap into a different skill set. Fortunately for you, we have some simple but effective ways that you can turn him on and get him into bed.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Sexy Panty Set

Women will tell you that when she makes sure her undergarments match, she is doing it for herself. While this may be true, she is also doing it because she intends on those undergarments to be seen. Amp up the sexy appeal by wearing lace or something sheer, and you’re golden.

2. Make Up

There is daytime appropriate makeup and then there is sexy time makeup. A luscious red lip and a smoldering eye look that makes your eye color stand out is a great way to get his attention. Just think of what is going through his mind when he sees the lipstick that is left on the straw.

3. Great Pair of Heels

There’s a reason why wear heels, and it isn’t because they are comfortable. Heels elongate your legs when you are showing off your lovely stems, a guy will take notice.

4. Licking Your Lips

Your tongue is a sensual part of your body and when you show it off in a seductive way (like licking your lips or an ice cream cone), it will make his temperature soar through the roof.

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5. Crossing Your Legs

Now you don’t have to go all dramatic like Sharon Stone, but crossing your legs at the knees will have him secretly trying to take a peek at the juncture.

6. Leaning In

You can easily play this one off as you’re trying to hear him better when he speaks, but in truth, you’re actually giving him a chance to take a gander at those lovely lace covered mammaries. Extra points if you wear something without sleeves and he sees your skin.

7. Seductive Speak

There is something about a deeper voice that drives a man wild, a la Scarlett Johansson. We can’t explain it, but give it a shot and you’ll see what we mean.

8. Sharing Your Fantasies

If you’re smooth enough, you can turn him on when you are able to work your fantasies into the conversation. When you’re talking about them, you might want to pretend to be a bit reluctant to share them because this gives the guy the idea that you are clueing him in on something deeply private and personal.

9. Promises of the Future

Simply by mentioning things that you’d like to try or do again is enough to make him want to be yours.

10. The Touch

There are several ways that you could touch him that will get him revved up. The most effective is probably the kiss because it can be used as a greeting, as a goodbye, or even a show of gratitude. Whatever the situation calls for, don’t hesitate to mess up your lipstick and pucker up!