3 Crucial Things to Consider Before Sleeping With Him

couple on the sofa

When it comes to dating, women want to find themselves a man who wants a relationship, not just a random romp in the hay, right?

There is a belief that Millennials embrace the hook-up culture so eagerly is because it allows them to embrace their sexuality and gives them the opportunity to better spot their soul mate. This belief could be one of the very reasons why they are not finding their soul mate because they are focusing on a sexual connection rather than forging an emotional bond.

Here are three things you should be aware of with yourself before you commit to sleeping with him.

You both have similar core values.

A relationship isn’t a one-sided thing—it is a two-way street that requires a balance. You have a responsibility to yourself to see if you can create a comfortable spot for your new partner within your life. This task is difficult enough on its own, so why would you complicate things even more by throwing sex into the mix?

If you are dating with the intent on finding a serious relationship, you’ll want to do some digging early on. Ask yourself and your partner these questions to see if your beliefs are on a similar path.

  • Do you want kids in your future? If so, how do you want to raise them?
  • How do you balance your home life with your work life?
  • What lifestyle do you wish to have? What socioeconomic status is required to live this way?
  • Is religion an important role in your life?
  • What are your family values?
  • How do manage your finances?

You both want a future together.

Before you think about sleeping with someone, you should have a good idea if they want to build a relationship with you after the deed has been done. This means you both should able to commit to one another without the overwhelming sense of dread some people experience when the thought of a committed relationship is mentioned.

Remember, intimacy is usually used to signify attraction, a connection, and love. Adversely, if you get intimate with someone you don’t want to have a relationship with, you may feel disappointed, empty, and unfulfilled.

You are content with where you stand with each other.

This is different for different people. Some think that security means the relationship is labeled and you are both are okay with being in an exclusive, monogamous relationship. For others, security just means they are confident in the other person that they will not stray once the deed has been done.

You will have to be the judge when you are trying to determine the level of emotional security within the relationship. If you aren’t sure where you stand with him, you should always take the proactive approach and simply ask him rather than dissect his texts and ask your friends what everything he does actually means.

When you have “The Talk” where you finally discuss what you are and what you mean to one another before you get intimate, you will feel more relaxed when the time comes because you will know that he’ll be sticking around.