A Comprehensive Flirting Guide for the Shy Guy

flirting shy guy

To be a successful flirt, it takes a certain panache that many people lack. It requires confidence, charm, wit, and a large dose of sexual appeal. These things are usually things that a shy guy tend to lack, but it isn’t not for lack of trying, though.

Shy guys tend to fade into the background and rarely approach a woman they are interested in. They are content on admiring these women from afar. For those men who are tired of being overlooked, here are some ways that you can start flirting with the ladies.

Be Charming and Likable

Forget what you’ve heard about women wanting a bad boy because contrary to popular belief, women want a guy who is likable! One of the very first steps of wooing a woman is to show her that you are a great guy who is chivalrous, charming, and someone who they don’t have to have their guard up around.

The Art of Grooming

If you really want to impress a woman, you cannot look like you just rolled out of bed with disheveled hair, overgrown facial hair that is unkempt, dirty clothes, and smelling bad. You have to look your best (or at the very least presentable) and show her that you put an effort into looking good.

Learn How to be a Good Conversationalist

A likable man knows how to start a conversation and how to keep it going. The words flow easily from his lips and he is engaging. You will find that when you combine a bit of humor with intelligence and charm, the lady you’re trying to woo is more likely to stick around. With these basic tips, you’ll be able to muster up the confidence to approach the lady you’re admiring. With these pick-up lines, you’ll be able to break the ice and get to put those newly learned conversationalist skills to work.

Pick-Up Line 1. “The bartender gave us too many drinks. Would you like one?”

This may seem like a lame pick-up line, but it actually works. While it is true that most people are privy to this little scam, it also allows you to continue to get to know them over drinks without pressure.

Pick-Up Line 2. “My friend is talking to some girl… Do you play pool?”

This line only works if you have a wingman, as you can send him off to find another woman so that you can play couples billiards where the sexual innuendos can fly freely.

Pick-Up Line 3: “I’m looking for [name of song], do you know who sings it?”

This may seem inconspicuous, but the idea of this line is to get her to dance with you. You can put $5 in the jukebox and only select a few songs. Then you can ask if there is anything else she’d like to hear. This will give you the perfect opportunity to ask her to dance. Who knows where that could lead once the playlist is over!