How to Effectively Approach Groups of Women

approaching women

When you want to approach a group of women, you’re going to be under a microscope. The women will probably shun you as a whole if you try to use some lame pick up line.

It doesn’t have to be like that though and a common mistake guys make is to admitting defeat even before they try. We’ve got a few tips that will help you get over that fear you may be feeling and truly win them over.

Analyze the situation.

You wouldn’t tackle an important project without some sort of plan about what you need to do, right? So why would you do that before going into trying to approach a woman that’s in a group of other women? You should employ a strategy that will help you eliminate the pack mentality. The first thing is to understand the type of group it is, which will help increase your chances for success. You will also want to take not of where they are, why they are there, and how difficult could it be to get through their walls with your attempt.

Address the whole group.

While you may be interested in one particular woman, when you approach the group, you should always address them all as a group. You want to prove to the ladies that you are worthy of their time and you deserve their attention. You should always approach the group straight on, instead of by the side because by coming in on the side, the women will be suspicious of your intentions. You should smile, make eye contact and introduce yourself to them. Then, you can place slightly more focus on your target but still talk to the group.

Be original

If you’re willing to go out on a limb to talk to these women, you have to be confident and be creative. You can never go wrong when you make the approach with the intent of entertaining the ladies as well as engaging in their personalities. You should always start with an interesting conversation topic and when you engage all the women rather than just one or two, it is more charming and will probably result in the women letting down their guard and bringing you into the fold.

Divide and conquer

Women that are in a group tend to have a power over the whole room; and when the group is rather large the more they will be swatting away unwanted attention seekers. You should always try to divide and conquer the group and you can do this by taking out the “mother hen.” This woman is the one that the other ladies follow. Once you’ve successfully dropped their guard, you will find it easier to seclude her and bring her into a more intimate setting.

Bring wingmen

If you’re approaching a large group of women, it always helps to bring your friends. These wingmen can help take the tension (and suspicion) off of you by keeping the women preoccupied, thus allowing you to socialize and entertain the woman you’re interested in.