5 Creative Pick-Up Lines That Will Make Her Smile

couple in pool

Whether you believe in their effectiveness or you are firmly against them, pick-up lines are part of dating. You should know that the first impression a woman has of you will be the deciding factor if she will want to continue talking to you or leave you alone. There are few things in life that can break the ice than the perfect pick-up line. It isn’t science, as we all know that women are attracted to men who can make them laugh.

As common sense as this may seem, you’ve got to be creative when you are using a line. Here’s five lines that most women haven’t been approached with before and the lines will give you a leg up above the rest. She will think you’re original, confident, and accessible which is exactly what you want. Keep in mind though, what you do after you use these lines is entirely up to you.

That’s my mother’s name!

Before you even say that the chances of coming across a woman with the same name as your mom is highly unlikely, we know. When you introduce yourself to a girl, ask her name. When she responds, tell her that it’s your mother’s name and then kiss her hand. They hand kiss is crucial because she will probably ask if it is really your mom’s name. At this point you tell her the truth but say, “but wasn’t the kiss charming?

Looks like you could use a drink.

This may give you different results depending on the girl. It does require confidence and some bravado, but if you are successful at executing it, it’ll show how confident you are. All you have to do is walk up to a woman and grab the drink she is drinking. Then say something like “Looks like you could use a drink, can I buy you one. Granted this is a hit or miss, as she could either find you amusing or think you’re just a jerk.

I think you dropped this.

If you don’t go out to the bar, this line works anywhere. What you need to do is keep a $1 bill in your wallet with your name and phone number written on it. When you see someone you’re interested in, take the bill out of your wallet (when she isn’t looking, naturally) and drop it on the floor (again when she is unaware). Pick up the bill and tell her she dropped it. You’ll make sure you leave your name and number clearly visible and promptly leave. If all goes well, she will call or text you.

Do you know how to count shoulders?

It’s cheesy, but it is charming. Approach a woman you are interested in and ask if she knows how to counts shoulders. She’ll probably give you an odd look and ask what you’re talking about. That’s when you count your shoulders and then count her shoulders, then finish by wrapping your arm around her.

Can you hold this for a moment?

This line displays your confidence excellently. It’s rather simplistic, as all you have to do is close your fist and ask a woman you fancy if she will hold “this” real quick. When she accepts and opens her hand, unclench your fist and hold her hand. Then you can introduce yourself and this is a perfect opportunity to start a conversation.