How to Smooth Talk the Ladies

man and woman with glass of beer

What do you say when you are in the presence of an attractive woman? When you’re around people you know, like your friends, your coworkers, or family, you could be Mr. Funny and can charm the pants off of anyone. However, when you meet a pretty lady on the street, you stumble over your words and simply cannot get it together. Now it doesn’t seem too difficult talking to someone new, especially if they are a guy. However, if you try to talk to a woman, it becomes infinitely more difficult, simply because she’s a woman and there could be a possibility of a connection.

So, how do you get over those nerves and sweet talk the ladies? Well, the main problem most men have is coming up with a great opening line. Sure, you could use a pickup line, but they are usually reserved for picking up a woman at the club or a bar. If you’re trying to flirt with a woman at the office, in school, or anywhere else, a pickup line will make you look cornier than a corndog. Let’s not forget the rebound lines that only make your attempt look even more ridiculous. Single guys tend to think women are along the lines of being untouchable, especially when they have to talk to them for the first time. They waste so much time and energy thinking of the perfect opening line that they end up messing it up thanks to their nerves going haywire.

Let us clue you in on something, there are no perfect lines. The “perfect line” excuse is something men concocted when they got shot down by a woman after using said “perfect” line. Surely you’ve heard it or said it yourself a time or two; “I knew I lost her when I used that line. Man, I’m never gonna use that line again.” Another type of guy that makes it difficult to talk to women are the posers. These men pretend to be hotshots, but they fail miserably. Yes, you’re right when there are instances when you should fake it until you make it, but when you change everything about yourself in the effort of attracting a woman, then you’re doing the woman and yourself a disservice. And if these men are lucky enough for a woman to fall for their antics, they are so over the top, it makes onlookers wonder if the woman is drunk and not realize what she is getting herself into. We understand that there are women who enjoy all different types of men, and who are we to judge one person from the next. After all, if it works for them, so be it. That’s just it—it doesn’t work for them and yet they continue to do these things instead of being yourself and acting like a normal human being with some common sense.

If you truly want to be smooth around the women, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to approach a gorgeous woman and make a genuine introduction. More often than not, she will recognize the courage it took to approach her as if she were a woman and not some ring in a belt. You may be surprised by how willing she would be to talk to you, if you show her the real side of who you are.