Before You Join a Site Where Women are Looking For Men, Here Are Some Things You Should Know

woman with laptop and cup

How many times have you found yourself amped to join a dating website and wanted to find single women looking for men just like you, but once you got there you had no idea what you were doing and it felt like you were just standing by the virtual wall like an outsider? This isn’t uncommon because although online dating is one of the most common ways people meet one another, they still have their reservations about the whole process. Sometimes they miss the mark completely and the experience for them just falls flat.

There are a number of things women looking for men do that affects the success of their online dating endeavors. As you read this list, you’ll discover some of the harsh realities that goes alone with online dating.

Most of the profiles you come across are not active.

You join a dating site with the belief that all of your matches will be active, they’ll clamor at the chance to talk to you, and you’ll ride off into the proverbial sunset with the love of your life in tow. Except, that isn’t how it works at all. In fact, many of the profiles that you encounter are probably inactive and no longer log onto their accounts. Which is quite the bummer, especially if you think that you and that person would get along famously. It should be noted that even if you do send the potential match an email and they do get it, you may not always get a response for one reason or another.

Buyer Beware.

When you decide to take the plunge and join that perfect site for single women looking for men, you should probably go into it with the mindset that some of the people you talk to aren’t going to be the best people out there. This means that while there are genuine folks out there who want to fall in love with someone like you, chances are there are just as many people who are willing to take advantage of someone who is vulnerable. Sometimes, our hearts can blind us to what is clearly written on the wall; and the truly messed up part is that there are people who are willing to take advantage of this.

Catfishing is Real.

You know how we said you should be careful when you are talking to people online because they may not have the best intentions, but they could also not be who they say they are. For example, the description the person gave you of themselves may not match the person that you’re meeting up with. They could look differently or they could be a different person all together. In the rare instance that you were catfished and the person doesn’t look the same as they described, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things couldn’t work out, but it would make you wonder about what else they may have lied to you about.

Online Dating May Make You Shallow.

As helpful as online dating may be, it could alter your psyche. There are so many possible people to choose from, you run the risk of falling into the mindset that there is always something better out there for you. You think that you could never have too many choices available to you and once you come to that realization, you’ll begin focusing on superficial things that shouldn’t necessarily be deal breakers. For example, perhaps you’re browsing through profiles and you see an attractive guy that you may want to get to know. That’s great! Except, as you read their profile, they had a few spelling errors and grammatical errors and you’re turned off and move on—not even taking into consideration that on paper he has all the qualities you could ever dream of in a man. You could be missing out on a great catch all because you don’t want to look at the bigger picture.

While we do not want to say that this is the status quo, but these problems do happen every now and again. There are millions of success stories on dating websites about people finding their loves, but you know how it goes, all it takes is one bad story to ruin the bunch.