5 Ways to Attract a Woman’s Attention

how to attract woman's attantion

Not everyone can be smooth with the ladies. As hard as we may try, there are some women that are just too intimidating because we feel like they are out of our league for one reason or another. We struggle with what we can do to get her attention.

The very first rule of approaching a woman to get her attention is that within the first few minutes she will already made up her mind if she will talk to you or not. What will give you the edge over other men is knowing how to get her attention without looking like a fool.


If you’ve done your research on how to command respect in other areas of your life, you’ll notice that how you carry yourself, literally, is so important. When you have good posture, she will definitely take notice. This means that your back should be straight, shoulders back, and your held high. You want your body to move with a purpose and that purpose is to have women falling at your feet. Figuratively of course.

The Look

If you want a lady to pay attention to you, you have to let her know that you want her. This doesn’t mean you have to stand there with a sign stating as such. All you need is a seductive glance that sets off the fire within her. You know, that look you shoot her that lets her know that you are checking her out and you want her.

If you don’t know how to give a convincing “come hither” look, practice. Yeah, it may feel silly the first few times that you try it, but with enough time and practice, it will feel like second nature.

Alpha Male

When you are with your friends and you spot a lady checking you out, this is when you let your alpha status shine. Make jokes with your friends, be the one to stand out from the rest of them but do it without making it look forced. She will take notice of this guy who is the center of attention and she will naturally gravitate toward you. That is, after all, what you want!

Introduce Yourself

If you want a woman to notice you and give you attention, what better way to do this than to introduce yourself to her? Turn on the charm and approach her. Ask her what her name is, what she is drinking (if you are at the bar or club), ask her if she would like to dance. Keep in mind that if you do decide to approach her, you don’t want to be aggressive or too needy. Be polite and genuine in your delivery. You’ll find that in most cases, she will entertain you and appreciate your directness. If you play your cards right and you two exchange numbers, she may even reach out to you first. This is a good thing because it shows that you’re on her mind and she is giving you the unspoken go ahead that she wants to hang out again.