Do All Men Sound Like Pick-Up Artists On Online Dating Sites?

Pickup artist

It seems like a common belief for many guys who try online dating that they have to use a unique combination of charm and power in order to attract a woman. Many would define this combo as “charisma,” although some would argue otherwise.

Did you know that Julien Blanc was denied entry into Britain because his seminars tend to promote sexual assault? This is the most notable exponent of a largely popular idea that women can be made dependent on men due to a series of gauche and cruel psychological tactics known as “game?”

It appears that men use the “negging” tactic when they talk to women. What is negging you ask? Apparently it is when a guy takes a negative comment that is supposed to get a woman to banter with him. This tactic is usually used on women who are believed to have high status and who are usually lavishly praised. They do this with the belief that it will elevate his perceived status.

Guys think that by projecting some kind of status is crucial, as dating and having a relationship requires some type of technique, which is where charisma comes into play.

We asked a member of our community about her experience with men and their machismo attitude. She revealed that she’s gotten several messages over the past few months from men who have done exactly this. These messages were down right rude:

“Don’t think that I’m intimidated by you, because you just a waste of my time.” This particular man was the one to message her first!

Another fellow wrote, “I usually avoid “oneitis,” but I think you may be the one.” FYI, oneitis is when a guy obsesses over a woman with the belief that she is the only one for him.

Then our insider revealed an exchange with a man from Greece. “I see that you like modern art, but that contradicts your statement that you despise celebrity culture.”

“Modern art is like everything else that needs to be judged on a case by case basis. It’ shouldn’t be written off just because it is modern,” she says.

“You’re an attractive woman and I knew you’d be just as interesting.”

“Didn’t I read that line on a website somewhere? Why do you want to use someone else’s words when you’d be so much more successful if you were just yourself? You know, women can usually tell when they are being fed lines or managed. We don’t like it’s not productive at all. Good bye.”

She said that it took three days for him to respond and when he did, he was rather insulting. “Females have no place in the manosphere. It isn’t for you.”

“Why bother using the lame lines when your profile clearly states you’re looking for the One.”

“Women like to hear that men are looking for “the one.”

“So that too is just another line.”

“You’re talking to me right? Would you have really talked to me if I asked you out for a cup of coffee? You probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day.”

“You don’t know that. You wouldn’t know that unless you try.”

Sadly, like this man, they assume women do not like the direct approach and they need to be manipulated. Oh… If only they would just try…