10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Perpetual Womanizer

A Womanizer Man

Usually, you see articles telling women what signs they should be looking for when dating so they don’t fall victim to a womanizer; however, we are taking another approach by giving guys the chance to nip their womanizing ways in the bud.

Would you believe that many men don’t even realize that they are womanizers, and it’s partial because they don’t see that they are actually doing it.

If you continue reading, you’ll find 10 traits of a womanizer and if you exhibit these traits, you can make a stride to change your ways… If you don’t want to be thought of as a bad guy.

1. You’ve got a reputation.

Have your friends called you out on being a ladies man? Do you hear your name being mentioned on the lips of bitter or jealous women? If you’ve said yes to these things, you might want to take a look at yourself to see where these comments stem from and if they warrant any attention.

2. You’re bored too quickly.

You find yourself in a new relationship and things are going great for a little bit. Then one day you realize that you’re completely bored and are ready to move on.

3. Your eyes wander more than usual.

We won’t deny that it’s okay to look at an attractive woman as she walks by, but when you do it on a regular basis, especially with your woman by your side, chances are you’re a womanizer.

4. You’re a smooth talker.

You might think you’re just a natural flatterer, but there’s a huge difference between a legitimate compliment and complimenting a woman just to get on her good side.

5. You say “Love” a lot.

Telling someone that you love them is great—if you are actually in love with them. However, if you tell a woman that you love her like you’re saying hello, then it’s a problem… Especially if he is using the L word to keep her around and in bed.

6. You keep track of your “conquests.”

The very idea that you consider women that you’ve dated or bedded a conquest should clearly tell you that you’re a womanizer, but by keeping a list of it? It’s a wrap.

7. You never say her name.

A womanizer rarely ever calls a woman he is seeing her name and will instead opt for a pet name like “sweetie,” “honey,” or things of the like. They do this so there isn’t a slip of the tongue and he calls her the wrong name on accident.

8. You never keep your promises.

If you’re in the habit of breaking promises you make to the women you’re seeing, it could very well be because you don’t genuinely care about them or their feelings.

9. For you, it’s all about the chase.

You approach dating like you’re on a hunting expedition. You enjoy searching out the perfect woman and working to make her “yours.” Once you’re able to nab her and finally bed her, she doesn’t have the same sort of interest for you. This is classic womanizer activity.

10. You have a radar for victims.

You know how women want to find a man who is their knight in shining armor? Womanizers have a radar that seems to pinpoint these women out and they prey on these women because they are easy targets. This means all you have to do is shower her with a few kind words, show her a little bit of attention and she’s all over you.

If you display any of these traits, you can consider yourself a womanizer. If you aren’t happy about this realization, it’s not too late for you to change it. You just have to be determined to be a better man.