4 Body Language Hacks That Will Help You Get The Girl


Forego the cheesy pickup line, and you’ll find that when you offer a lady a genuine smile, she’ll be much more interested in talking to you.

For years, men have wondered how to attract a woman without having to say a word; and it is an interesting topic that deserves some exploration. We know that most communication that we do is nonverbal and it can be very telling of what you’re thinking—sometimes so much more than by speaking your mind.

There’s four “moves” that really grabs her attention and they are:

A Wink

The wink is playful and can be incredibly alluring because it has the right amount of mystery thrown in. It send the woman a clear message that you find them attractive and are interested in them. You may think that the wink is something only creepy guys do, but you’d be mistaken. It’s actually quite effective—especially if you pair it with any of these other moves.

A Smile

Ah, the smile. It’s one of the easiest ways to melt a woman’s heart if you’ve got a nice one. Even if you don’t, a smile is an important factor in trying to attract a woman. It can say so much more about your intentions that some lame pick up line that you memorized from your favorite romantic comedy. The smile makes you appear less confrontational, warmer and more friendly. If you’re the one to offer the smile first, it also lets her know that you’re confident, and all of these traits are ones that women are especially attracted to.

Leaning In

Body language is important and when you lean forward, it speaks volumes. It tells the lady that you’re interested in what she has to say and you want her to continue. It also closes the gap between you two, thus giving both parties the idea of a kiss may be in the works.

As important as leaning in is, leaning away from the woman lets her know that you aren’t very interested in what she has to say and that you’re actually looking for someone who really grabs your attention. So keep this in mind when the conversation is over and you ask her for her phone number, as it could mean the difference between a real number or a fake one.

Eye Contact

The final and most crucial piece of the “non-verbal cue” puzzle is eye contact. You should make meaningful eye contact with a woman and maintain it. This means you shouldn’t allow your eyes to drift down to her chest mid-conversation. Don’t think you’re being sly and sneak a quick peek because all women can tell when you’re looking at her eyes and when you’re letting them wander.

The key to eye contact is to know when enough is enough. By maintaining eye contact during a conversation shows that you respect them. If you maintain eye contact too long, it could give her the uncomfortable impression that you are trying too hard and wonder about your intentions. A good idea is to allow your eyes to roam across her face and not anywhere lower.