The Most Important Things to Remember When Trying to “Get the Girl”

happy couple

There are countless ways that you can get a woman, but we’ve stripped down all the mumbo jumbo to bring you this simple list of thing you need to remember.

1. Make the Approach!

How many times have you seen a woman that you wanted to talk to, but because you took your time and waited until you worked up the courage to actually do it, either she was gone or she was talking to some other dude? This happens quite often, and there are countless men who are home alone right now because of it. So, when you see her, bite the bullet and introduce yourself to her. No more waiting around!

2. Attraction Before Chatting

Men tend to approach a woman and start throwing questions at her, hoping that he will land on something that they have in common. This game of 20 question rarely ever works and it could backfire—especially if you’re trying to talk to a gorgeous woman who always gets approached. Instead show her what makes you different than other men. When she is impressed, she’ll come to you and ask you questions!

3. Make Statements

When you’re talking to a woman, you never want to ask two questions right after another. Instead, add a statement in between. For example, if you ask her where she’s from, you can then say where you’re from and where you’d like to travel. This will get her to respond in kind. When you use this approach, you’re still learning about her, but without the 20 questions.

4. Be Playful

You will always get a better response from women when you are lighthearted and casual. You could be the most serious of men with a lot to offer, but women aren’t interested in going out to meet a brooding guy at the bar. She wants to meet the fun guy dancing on the dance floor, having the time of his life.

5. Be a Challenge

Just like men who like to chase women, women also like when the guy she is interested in plays hard to get sometimes too. You have to show her that she has to be more than just a pretty face to get your attention. This will give her an incentive to show you a little of her personality and try to gain your interests. Remember, never give her a compliment unless she truly deserves it.

6. How You Dress is Important

The clothing you put on your body says a lot about the man that you are. If you go out in public wearing sweats and stained up T-shirts, any women you hit on will think you’re a slob and probably not even give you the time of day. If you want to impress the ladies, you have to show her that you’re a stylish guy who does his laundry and actually folds and puts it away.

7. First Impressions Matter Immensely

When you are trying to get a woman’s attention, the first impression she gets of you should be more than a lame pick-up line as an ice breaker. If you are unsure of what to say, you can be bold and ask her and friends to settle an argument you are having with your friends. Make it something that they will have an opinion on like “Does saying “I love you” via text count?” or “Do drunk hook ups ever lead to a real relationship?” You can talk about this for a few minutes, but then move on and voila! You’ve got her interested!