Who Do You Love—Mr. Nice Guy or the Bad Boy?

nice vs bad

Love can be a fickle thing and trying to find the right guy is no easy task. When you’re looking for a partner, do you tend to go for the nice guy or the bad boy?

Take a few moments to ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. What do you find most a bad boy or a man who isn’t “available?”
  • 2. Have you date a man who you knew was a “bad boy?”
  • 3. Is there a “nice guy” in your life that’d be a perfect partner, but you don’t feel a spark with?

Think about these things for a few moments before you continue reading.

The Nice Guy Problems

While most women go for the bad boys, the truth may be that they may “like” a nice guy but they don’t feel that deep attraction that they may feel for a bad boy. What is really surprising is that even though a man is doing all the things you’d hoped he would, like pursuing you, spending time with you, and doping on you, you may actually find yourself being less interested in him. All this niceness may be well and good, but it doesn’t make her feel attracted to him. Of course, this can all be said about “nice women” as well.

What Draws Women to the Bad Boys

You may not see it just yet, but unconsciously, women often feel attracted to men who exhibit traits and characteristics of a bad boy. The bad boy often creates drama that is inviting and sometimes intoxicating, which the woman may interpret as fun, sexuality, and playfulness. The sheer unpredictability of the bad boy is a source of fascination and they simply feel like they have to be around them.

There is something in a woman that is activated by a man who acts indifferent, have high status, and know a lot of women (among the other “bad boy” qualities) that makes her feel a deep attraction to him. These men can spark a fire in her that no other man can, even though when you are actually in a relationship with the bad boy, you are completely miserable. This exhilarating connection that you’ve found with this bad boy is powerful enough to override any conscious thought you may have that says that this man isn’t right for you.

You would be surprised by how many women decide to choose the bad boy time and time again, hoping for a different outcome when they know that it will probably end the same—very badly and she will be the only one hurting. Being taken in by that bad boy charm is probably the single most common mistake women make all the time. It is because of this deep rooted attraction to thrills and a sense of danger that keeps women from having love and a happy and healthy relationship they really desire.

Pay Attention to the Nice Guy

While we cannot tell you that you need to pay attention to the nice guy in your life, if you want to have that coveted relationship you’ve been hoping for, it may be worth a short. Although you may not feel that instant connection that has you buzzing with a nice guy, at least you know you’ll never be sobbing into a pint of rocky road ice cream wondering why he stopped calling you.