6 Double Date Ideas You Need to Try


A double date is a great way to hang out with friends and your significant other. These dates are intended to be fun, exciting, and even a little romantic.

Forget the dinner and movie date so many people fall back on and try these fun and unique date ideas.

1. Go on a fun scavenger/treasure hunt around the local flea market or community yard sale.

When it warmer outside, it’s natural that you’re going to want to plan as many outdoor date ideas. Going to a community yard sale or a flea market can be fun and be an interesting way to toil away your Sunday afternoon. Here’s where it gets fun. To start, each couple has so much money, say $50, and their task is to find the coolest, most interesting thing they can find. You can make it more interesting by sticking to a theme, like finding the oddest knickknacks or the ugliest picture in a frame, for example.

2. Make game night tag team tournaments a thing.

Game night is always fun, especially when you have another couple joining in on the excitement. All you have to do is invite another couple over and have a relaxing night of board games, card games, charades—anything! If you never hung out with the couple before, you can break the ice by playing a game of 20 questions. If you include alcohol in your game night, just make sure the other couple doesn’t leave your home intoxicated!

3. Play Mini-Golf.

Who could ever say no to mini-golf? Mini-golf can be great fun and be ultra-competitive. Raise the stakes by making the losing team buy dinner or drinks for the winning team.

4. Go on a bike ride—on a bike built for four?

Who needs a single bike when you could ride a bike built for four people? A quadricycle is a great way to make everyone work together and see the city. You could work together and everyone pedal, or you could take turns, or you could have the men pedal while the ladies relax and offer words of encouragement to the men. Either way, it’ll be great fun for everyone.

5. Everyone gets a little tipsy.

Who ever said that a date night meant going out and spending loads of money on expensive food and drinks? Why not host a date night at your place and invite a couple over. You can make it an intimate dinner party where there is home cooked food (which you provide) and great drinks (which the other couple can provide). Plus after dinner and drinks, you could either watch a few movies together, play a game, or just have a great conversation. The choice is yours!

6. Go on a weekend road trip.

What is more adventurous and even romantic than a double date where you and the other couple load up a car and pick a destination and drive there? You’ll be able to make stops along the way and check out cool tourist attractions. The great thing about a couple’s road trip is that you can go pretty far because you’ll have multiple drivers to share the burden. Plus, who ever said a double date was only a few hour activity? A weekend road trip is a great choice for couples who are close and wouldn’t mind being in such a tight space with each other for a long period of time. You have been warned!