7 Things You Should Never Do After a Break Up

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Even if you part on good terms, the pain of a breakup can still be felt. When grieving the end of a relationship, you should avoid doing these things.

1. Pretend You’re Okay

Let yourself be upset. Feel free to cry or punch a pillow. Write down your thoughts in a journal and even vent to friends and family who will listen. You might want to pretend that you’re okay, but your pride shouldn’t get in the way. You probably don’t want to break down in the office, but you should take some time out of the day, to be honest, and reflect on what happened.

2. Try to be “Just Friends”

Rarely does an ex ever turn into a solid friend that you can turn to—at least not right after a breakup. You probably don’t even want to consider it until you are okay with the idea of your ex dating someone else. If your ex is pressuring you for a friendship, stay strong and tell them you aren’t comfortable with that idea.

3. Seek Revenge

Don’t do anything that you may regret later. This includes taking a page out of Carrie Underwood’s songbook. Although the thought of getting revenge is too good to pass up, it won’t solve any of the wounds you have, thanks to the broken heart you now have. Instead, try to forgive and move on. Keep your head high and spend your precious time and energy on those who deserve it.

4. Communication

There will be times when you want to pick up the phone to send a text message or call them because something reminded you of them. You might even want to call them and yell, scream, or cry. You should fight these urges because they tend to do more harm than good. Granted, there may be times when you have to call the ex, either to return their things, deal with a shared lease, or discuss who cares for the puppy now. Other than these unavoidable situations, call a friend or family member instead.

5. Beg to Getting Back Together

In your mind, everything in the relationship was going great and you don’t understand why it ended. You might want to beg for them to take you back, to try making it work. Don’t do it. You shouldn’t have to beg someone to want to be with you. Oh, and let’s not forget how badly you’ll feel if they reject you for the second time.

6. Sleep Together.

No. This is a bad idea. Your heart is broken and you may want to get that one last romp in the hay as some strange sort of closure, but in reality, it is only making things that much worse. Don’t do it. No. No. No.

7. Stalk Your Ex on Social Media

While in most cases social media is a great way to connect with someone, it can also make the pain of a breakup that much worse—especially if you continue to look at your now ex’s social media. You might want to know how they are coping with the relationship, but it will only hinder your own healing process.