How Women Ruin Valentine’s Day Every Year

Valentine's day

While women love Valentine’s Day, it’s no secret that most guys actually hate the holiday. Many men feel like February 14th is a day where they have to shower the women in their lives with gifts and they are obligated to go out of their way to wine and dine you.

Ladies, you don’t make it easy for them either. You have to remember that they went through the whole ordeal of trying to find you the perfect Christmas gift, and now you expect him to do it all over again less than two months later? It’s overwhelming and for some men, the pressure is just too much to handle!

If you really want to show your boyfriend that you aren’t too vexed by Valentine’s Day, the commercialized holiday that it has become, we’ve got a few ideas that will help you have an amazing holiday where you both are celebrated and appreciated.

Do it yourself.

If you are one of these women who is so taken by the idea of a love holiday and want to ensure that you have a fantastic day, take matters into your own hands and do it yourself. You be the one to make the plans on where you go for dinner. You be the one to prepare the fancy dinner, you be the on to decorate, and you could even be the one to surprise him with a gift. You can be sure that by telling him that you’ve taken it into your own hands this year, he will be so much more appreciative that he won’t mind splurging on a romantic gift.

Spend the day in bed.

If you’re fortunate to have off on Valentine’s Day (whether you asked for it off or it is just your scheduled day off), you can plan to spend the day in bed. Use this day as a way to get your fill of one another, catch up on your sleep, have love-making marathons, and… Just enjoy the closeness of one another.

Make travel plans.

If you both aren’t keen on the commercial aspects of the holiday, you can always make plans to travel to a destination where the day isn’t celebrated—like China or even Brazil. If you are simply looking for a reason to go on a vacation, this is the perfect opportunity, especially if you live in a colder climate and you want to enjoy some heat. You’ll be so enraptured by the new surroundings, you won’t even be concerned about Cupid, hearts, and overpriced candy.

Now you don’t need us to remind you that Valentine’s Day is so much more than just candy, hearts, and cards. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day where you remind others why you love them and why you appreciate them. Over the years, we have been taught that you have to go all out and shower your loved ones with gifts that ultimately do not matter. All that should matter is your love for one another and that you remind them that you are so blessed to have them in your life.