10 Golden Rules for Any New Relationship

couple in bed

The start of a relationship can be a difficult time because guys aren’t able to guess what women want and women just expect that a guy knows. And unavoidably, an argument will start and that is never fun. By setting some basic rules with your new partner might be exactly what you need in order to get past the small things and enjoy the time you share together.

Here are ten things that will help pave the way for a smooth relationship.

1. PDA Regulations

People tend to have different comfort levels when it comes to showing affection toward each other in public. You will want to discuss this with your partner and see what they are and aren’t comfortable with.

2. One Day a Week

Decide one day each week where you two spend some time together without anyone else tagging along. Everyone can agree that designated time where you are together is healthy for any new relationship.

3. No Suffocation

Everyone needs some time apart. So you should always respect each other’s desire for space apart. Remember, it isn’t anything personal, as they just need some “me” time.

4. Do Not Talk About the Future Until it Is Time

You don’t want to talk about the future within the first few weeks of dating, unless you want to scare him off. This doesn’t mean that he may not want kids with you in the future, but wait some time until you both are in a comfortable place and you know the relationship is getting serious.

5. Become Friends with Your Partner’s Friends

We aren’t saying you have to be bosom buddies with their friends, but it is a good idea to have a good rapport with them so that everyone is comfortable.

6. Do not Ditch Your Own Friends

Just because you are in a new relationship and are trying to become friends with his friends, that doesn’t mean you should ever ditch your own friends. You want to keep them as close as possible because should the relationship end, they will stay by you and be your support circle.

7. Do not Hide Anything

Now you don’t have to tell your new partner of the time you experimented in band camp or your first boyfriend from middle school, but it would be a good idea that you tell him if you are still friends with any of your exes.

8. Relax

You needn’t get angry every time he checked out an attractive woman as she walked by. The same can be said for him—he shouldn’t feel jealous whenever you say a particular celebrity is hot. It is already obvious that you won’t be trying to sleep with those people, so there is no point in getting angry about it.

9. Do not Kiss and Tell

Unlike a one night stand, what happens in your relationship should stay between you and your partner. There is no need to talk about the nitty gritty to anyone.

10. Guessing Games are Not Allowed

If you don’t want your partner to go out drinking with their friends or anything else, don’t make them read between the lines and guess what you mean when you say, “Fine.” Just tell them your feelings.