How to Avoid that Dreaded Friend Zone

dating friend zone

Many guys worry that the girl they like will eventually put them into the dreaded friend zone and there will never be any chance to start dating. As hard as you may try to win her over, sometimes your efforts miss the mark and you find yourself there anyway. We’ve got some useful information that will help you stay far away from the friend zone and hopefully closer to dating the girl you’ve been lusting over.

1. Never Get Too Close

You might think that by getting close to the girl, you are going to be the logical choice of a new potential boyfriend. WRONG. When you get close to a girl on a platonic level, you may as well resign yourself to stay there. Yes, you may be getting to know her better and she you, but it won’t be on any romantic level.

2. Sparks Aren’t Flying

When a guy likes a girl, he has to be pretty subtle when he hints at his sexual desire for her. He has to show that he is a dominate man who goes after what he wants because if you are a passive guy whom people take advantage of, she won’t feel any sexual feelings toward you. Sorry buddy.

3. No Attraction

Sometimes you just cannot do anything about being put into the friend zone. If the girl isn’t attracted to you , then she just isn’t attracted to you.

4. He Thinks She Is Out of His League

You would be surprised by how many men think that the woman they are interested in is way out of his league, therefore he won’t put a genuine effort into trying to woo her. Instead, he keeps his feelings to himself and simply gives up trying to chase after her. There are a lot of missed opportunities for love connections because the guy just doesn’t recognize his value.

5. He Acts More Like a Friend

If you want to date a girl, you have to act like you want to date her. Don’t act like her best friend and then assume that she will wake up one day and realize that she is madly in love with you. As much as we wish it worked that way, the sad truth is it doesn’t.

6. Talk to Her When She is Alone

Common mistakes men make is by trying to talk to her when there are others nearby—namely her friends. When you talk to her when she is alone, you can chat her up and make her feel good. Should one of her friends come by, be charming but humorous by saying that you was hoping to spend more alone time with her. Make sure you deliver this line with a chuckle and a smile so you don’t appear bitter or jealous.

7. Compliment Her

A common mistake that puts guys into the friend zone is by never complimenting her. We aren’t saying you have to shower her with false praise, but we are saying that you want to let her know that you appreciate her and you take notice of everything she does. Guys in the friend zone are there either because they give praise that isn’t entirely genuine or none at all. No woman wants a guy who is just trying to placate her.