6 Body Language Ideas to Use on Someone You’re Attracted To

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Over the years, we have had many people ask us what sort of body language tips and tricks could you use to get your crush’s attention.

We’ve thought about this a lot and we’ve finally come up with 8 of the best body language moves that will not only get your crush’s attention, but make sure that you’re someone they cannot stop thinking about.

1. Holding eye contact three times.

You may have heard that to grab someone’s attention, you need to make eye contact. It is definitely true that you need to make eye contact, but not just once. Three times is the magic number. The first two times, he may think it was simply a coincidence that you were looking at him, but the third time? No one can deny that three times is a charm!

2. Point with your body.

When we say point with your body, we mean that you should be facing him at all times, regardless if you are talking to them or not. By just having your body pointed in his general direction, it is creating an opening for him to approach you. When they do, turn to face them. This reaffirms that you’re a friendly and approachable person.

3. Enhancing your posture.

We get it, enhancing your posture sounds a little ridiculous, but it isn’t that strange or difficult to do. In fact, all you will need to do to enhance your posture is stand up straight, square your shoulders and puff your chest out a little. This will make you look more attractive and make your whole body look that much more enticing.

4. Play with your hair.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got long hair or short when you play with your hair, it draws attention to your neck, which is a few inches from your mouth. Not only does it draw attention, but it is also an incredibly flirtatious gesture that always gets the attention of others—especially those you are attracted to.

5. Mirror.

By copying the movements your crush is doing, you are mirroring them. This is a fantastic way to get to know them a little better and flirt at the same time. It doesn’t matter when you mirror them, just do it in a way that isn’t incredibly obvious. For example, if they take a drink, wait a few heart beats and take a sip of your beverage. If they rub their nose, follow suit after a few seconds.

6. Lean toward them when they talk to you.

When your crush finally decides to approach you, always make it a point to lean in. You can say you’re doing it so you can focus on what they are saying better, but we all know the real reason. If you lean in close enough, he just might be enticed to give you a kiss!