Three Rules to Follow this Holiday Season So It Isn’t a Total Drag

winter couple fun

When the colder weather starts to roll in, we are torn between wanting to hibernate but we encourage you to forego that instinct and explore your options and try new date ideas. From October through March, there are numerous ways that you can spice up your dating life by following these few dating do’s and don’ts.


Don’t Lay Around and Become Inactive

People place so much importance on achieving that perfect summer body, they let themselves go in the winter. Instead of allowing the colder weather to deter you from going to the gym or your jog through the park, try to find activities that you can do inside.

What’s even more to the point, how do you expect to meet anyone if you stay inside? You may not want to go outside, nor would you feel attractive being bundled up in layers, but you would be surprised by how many people you can meet. Also, you needn’t worry about being bundled up because they will be too.

Plus, what you do to take care of yourself during the winter is less work you have to do to prepare for the summer.

Don’t Do Family Introductions During the Holidays

Just because you have been seeing someone for a few weeks during the holidays, you don’t want to bring them to meet the family. You want to take the time to get to know them before you bring them to your family. Also, you should expect them to invite you to their home for the holiday.

Don’t Become a Downer

The most important thing to remember is to not allow yourself to become a downer during the holidays if you are still single. For every invitation to a party you receive, you should go and expect to look your best and have fun. You never know who you’ll meet!

So with these don’ts in mind, here are a few date ideas that are perfect for the winter months.

  • If you like the cold, take this opportunity to enjoy activities like sledding, skiing, and ice skating. These activities are a great way to get some laughs as well as learn a thing or two from your partner.
  • If you aren’t a fan of the cold, you can try a new activity indoor. It could be anything from a cooking class, visiting an art museum, take in a show, or something of the like. Your new indoor activity will bring you closer and give you a chance to pick up a new hobby.

If you are in a relationship and it is going strong, you can plan for the holidays so that you are on the same page. However, if you are experiencing a rough patch in your relationship, you may want to talk to your significant other before the holiday comes around. Should the relationship come to an end, the talk could save you both some pain and time.