5 Things You Should Look for When Looking for a Date


Every one of us is anxious to get out there are start looking for a date, but are you truly ready to start dating? We like to think that as soon as we find ourselves single, we are ready to start dating again, but the truth of the matter is, we tend to go back to the same people who has done us wrong in the past, therefore we end up making the same mistakes. A lot of times, guys simply do not understand how to date a girl and show her that he appreciates her, and women take men for granted and expect too much. This disconnect is what causes a lot of problems for many people.

Here are 10 things you should always look for when you are trying to look for a date:

What kind of relationship are they looking for?

Depending on the website you join, you may not be certain about the type of relationship these people are looking for. One of the biggest mistakes is simply assuming that everyone is looking for the same thing that you are. Before you put yourself out there, always ask the important question, which is what is the end goal of this experience.

How do they treat others.

This primarily comes into play when you are already on a date, but you can also gauge how the person treats others by how they communicate with others on the website. If you notice that they tend to be flippant or have a bad attitude towards other folk on the message boards or in the chatrooms, then it’s an indicator that they may not be the nicest of people.

How emotionally ready are they to date?

When you are interested in dating someone, you want to be sure that they can handle all the aspects of actually dating someone. Are they emotionally available? Are they able to handle tough situations and conversations with maturity and an openness to have a conversation rather than throw insults and hurt your feelings. These things are extremely important when trying to cultivate a new relationship with someone.

They aren’t living a secret life.

If you’ve always wanted to become a spy, here is your chance! You would be surprised by how many people live two different lives, an online life where they can be whomever they want to be, and a real life that they want to escape from. People often turn to online dating to escape the normal humdrum life they’ve got going on and through online dating, they can live an exciting life—even if only imaginary. You’ll want to pay close attention to the things that are being said and make sure their story is legit. Even then, you might want to proceed with caution, lest you get caught up in some sketchy business.

Do they have a good handle on their lives?

We all hit a rough patch in our lives from time to time, which is completely okay. However, if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t seem to have their ducks in a row (or at least making an effort to get there), then you may want to pass on this person and move on.