15 Things You Have to Do If Your Crush Likes You Back

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Congratulations! You’ve just learned that your crush totally likes you back. Either they came to you and told you themselves, or their good friend told you.

Whatever the case may be the ball is in your court, and now you get to make the next move. The question is what’re you going to do now?

If you’ve just stumbled into the reality of your crush liking you back, then you have to make a move now before they think you don’t like them and move on. This is what you should do next when your crush finally likes you back.

1. Confirm that you like them too.

So maybe you heard that your crush is digging you too, your first move is going to be telling them that you like them, too. If you don’t tell them, they might get nervous and just start avoiding you. Smile coyly and say something like, “It’s about time!” It’s cute and funny, and they’ll feel calmer afterward.

2. Get their phone number.

It would be silly not to get their number (of you don’t already have it, that is), especially now that you both learn that you like each other. Just tell them that you want to get to know a little better. Once you get their number, make sure you actually use it!

3. Talk to them in person.

Texting is perfect for communicating with friends, but when you are trying to take things to the next level with your crush. Strike up a conversation through text, but then ask them if they’d be willing to meet you for a cup of coffee or something. When they agree (because you know they will), give them a hug and start talking. It’s that simple!

4. Start flirting!

You like them and they like you, it’s simple enough right? So what’s keeping you from flirting with them like crazy? Flirting is an awesome way to nurture that attraction and help the relationship grow. Go up to them and don’t hold back. See how well that chemistry you to have grows.

5. Learn as much as you can about them.

Don’t make it seem like an inquisition whenever they talk to you, but before you go on that first date, you want to get to know them as much as you can beforehand. This can help you think of things that you two can talk about, plus help you figure out if you like truly them or not.

6. Practice some conversation starters.

If there is one thing that can make a date go sour fast, it has to be a bad conversation, or maybe even no conversation at all. Before the date, make sure you’re practicing some great conversation starters to keep the date interesting and fun.

7. Relax.

It’s the night before your date, take some time to relax by yourself. Do something that is you find calming and relaxing. Maybe you could read a good book, take a bath with some lavender, or maybe practice some deep breathing. When you go into a date, and you’re so nervous, it may cause you to sweat a ton and mess with your confidence and make you stumble over your words, which doesn’t always make the best impression.

When your crush tells that you that they like you, the ball is in your court. What you do is up to you now.