8 Reasons Why Being Single During the Holidays Doesn’t Suck

woman in santa hat

Instead of focusing on being alone this holiday season as a bad thing, here are 8 reasons why it’s actually pretty awesome!

  1. The Christmas Tree. When you’re in a relationship, both parties usually have to compromise when it comes to the Christmas tree—what size it should be, where it should go, how to decorate it, the whole nine. Since you are single, you can make all those choices that you’ve been dying to make! So, yes, break out those Barbie ornaments and make that tree fabulous.
  2. No Running Around. During the holidays, it is expected to have to visit each person’s family. However, now that you’re single, you only have to go to your side of the family. This gives you more time to spend with those you care about and less time getting stuck in traffic.
  3. No Arguing About Gifts. You may be a firm believer in practical gift giving, while people you’ve been in a relationship may have wanted to give humorous gifts or something of the like. You may have fought over what gifts you wanted to give family members, but now that you’re single, you can get that Swiffer for your sister or the life-time supply of socks for your nephew.
  4. Make the Desserts You Want. Say goodbye to that nasty dessert that no one but him would eat, even though he would try and get everyone to try it every time you made it. Now that he’s no longer in the picture, you can make that sticky toffee pudding or the gingersnaps that you’ve always loved during the holidays.
  5. Goodbye Gifts from the In-Laws. Sometimes it feels like his in-laws knew nothing about you and it was obvious that he made no effort to let them know what you liked because each year you received clothing that was incredibly tacky or didn’t fit, gadgets that you had no use for, or home décor items that did not fit with the style of your home. You’ll find that being single, you’ll be gaining so much more closet space because you won’t have to hide these ugly gifts.
  6. Wardrobe to the Stars. You know how you may have wanted to go out for New Years, but your partner was a homebody and they didn’t want to? Or when you did go out, he didn’t want you to wear that sparkly number that showed off your amazing figure? Well guess what? You can wear whatever you want to this year and go out wherever you’d like to celebrate! So grab your friends and go out to party if you want!
  7. Picking the Traditions. You may have been in a relationship with someone of a different faith or with different holiday traditions. This may have caused you to miss out on some of your favorite traditions in the past. Now that you are single, you can go to mass and then caroling if you want. The holiday world is your oyster and it’s up to you to live it up!
  8. The Mistletoe. Ah the mistletoe… Every single person’s chance to get that kiss while under the mistletoe. Before when you were in a relationship, your mistletoe kiss may only have been from female friends or family members, but now? That cutie from across the room can kiss you without any worries!