Tired of Being Alone on Valentine’s Day? Rent A Date is Possibility!

couple on valentines day

What do you when you’re a single lady but you don’t want to do the stay home and pamper yourself thing this Valentine’s Day? You could always gather your other single lady friends and do that, but sometimes they’ve got plans or they are content on staying in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either of these options. However, if you do want to go out and experience Valentine’s Day without committing to actually having a boyfriend to do it, you could always rent a date. Yes, you read that right—rent a date. You can pay a man to give you a little bit of attention and maybe teach you a thing or two.

Now, we know you’re probably wondering where you would go to find one of these guys for rent. Sure, you could go somewhere seedy like Craigslist, but there is no guarantee that you’ll survive the date in one piece (both figuratively and literally).

If you are truly on the market to get someone to spend some time with you, then you could try the website Rent a Gent. This site is like a one-stop shopping site where you can look through the small selection of men who have various talents. For example, one guy could teach you a new language, dance with you, cook for you, and even have a philosophical conversation about life. What’s the price? A mere $300 bucks an hour.

Before you get the wrong idea, this site is not an escort service, so sexy time isn’t an option.

We asked some ladies what they would rent a guy for and the majority of the ladies said that they would hire a guy to do chores around the house, pamper them, and do menial things. Even though the women were reminded that sex wasn’t part of the option, they said they wouldn’t even pay for a little hanky panky if it was an option.

Why, some of the ladies got really creative. A pregnant woman who is due at any moment said she had plenty of ideas: “SO. MANY. IDEAS. He could push my stroller while I trot around in ultra-high heels (he also has to change diapers). He could just give me foot massages while I work. Public compliments. Like, I send him on a Starbucks run, but he’s required to say, ‘I need an iced mocha for my queen,’ and then when I get the coffee, the barista needs to have written ‘Queen’ on it. Anti-personal-trainer: He comes to the gym with me, but just stands nearby, telling me I don’t really need to exercise and should probably just relax so he can feed me strawberries. Could I just watch him do pushups in my living room? That’s not weird or anything.”

We don’t know about you, but the idea of renting a guy to do anything sounds a little creepy, even if it is to do simple tasks around the house. But on the other hand, if you have $300 an hour to shell out on renting a guy, who are we to say what you should or shouldn’t be spending your money on?