10 Signs Your Crush is a Complete Player

smiling man

We’ve been situations where we meet a guy, fall head over heels for him, and we think he is amazing. Unfortunately, after we’ve been dating them for a little bit of time, we learn that he is nothing but a player and sometimes it feels like it comes out of the blue. That’s just it though. The fact that he was a player didn’t happen all of a sudden, he has probably showing you the signs straight from the beginning; you just chose not to see them.

Here are 10 signs that prove he is a player.

  1. When you try to be exclusive, he says he doesn’t like labels. Guys who want to be in a relationship have no problems with the label of a boyfriend. However, if you try to jump on the label train and he refuses, he is doing this so he can hang out with other women and should you find out, he can say he wasn’t doing anything wrong because you weren’t technically his girlfriend.
  2. He doesn’t want people to know about the relationship with you. If he refuses to go out in public with you (or insists on going out to places in another town or city) or if he doesn’t want you telling people that you’re in a relationship with him, it’s probably because he doesn’t want the other women he is flirting with or dating to find out.
  3. There are rumors that he talks to other women. If you hear some chatter about your man “talking” to other women, the chances are it could be true. Most people won’t drum up rumors for the sake of causing drama… But then again, there are petty people like that, so… Use your better judgment.
  4. He never “likes” your pictures on Instagram/Facebook. You could post pictures nearly naked and instead of publicly showing his appreciation for them and your beauty, he will send you a text or call you to comment on the pictures.
  5. He is known as “the Flirt” among his friends. If all of his friends are envious of his skills with the women and he has a reputation of being a flirt, then he has that reputation for a reason.
  6. He has an account on Tinder. Sure, he may say he doesn’t use it, but if he still hasn’t deleted the profile as soon as you two see each other regularly, you can bet he is swiping left or right while you are in the restroom or maybe even sitting right next to him!
  7. He is overly protective when he is on his phone around you. As stated above, he could be on Tinder and you would never know because he makes it a point to keep the screen away from you, regardless of what he is doing.
  8. Most of his likes on social media are from women you don’t know. We all know there are some thirsty broads out there who will friend a hot guy on social media without even knowing them, but then there are the girls who you don’t know but are very familiar with your man. These are the women that your man may be seeing on the side. Maybe.
  9. He instantly replies to messages when he is with you… But he takes a while to text you back. When you ask him why he takes so long to text you back, he could say that he was busy or didn’t have his phone around—which is great because we all need a break from the phone every now and then. But when it seems like he is always responding to someone and is never too busy for them, something is a little fishy.
  10. Even your mom has her suspicions. When it comes to gut feelings, your mom is usually spot on when it comes to the men you date. If she is suspicious, you might want to heed her advice.